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Percy Grainger

Percy Grainger's brilliant arrangements of the British folk tune Molly on the Shore were written between 1907 and 1950 and exist for a variety of instrumental groups, including orchestra, band, violin and piano, string quartet and solo piano. Thankfully, they exist for viola quartet too.
Domenico Scarlatti

Both these sonatas have bountiful thematic interest for all four players - K.147 in D minor has a succession of answering phrases and muscular passages, while K.52 is more dreamy and fantasia-like, with some striking dissonances. Apparently these are also playable with one violin and three violas, hmmmm.....

John Philip Sousa

The Liberty Bell March - The famous Monty Python signature tune, by the American composer, conductor and patriot. Another piece in the public domain and therefore cheap and cheerful.
John Jenkins

The seige of Newark is a rumbustious 'Battle' piece written in the mid 17th century for viols and violins. It celebrates the Royalist victory in the English Civil War outside the town of Newark, and has graphic portrayal of cavalry charges, trumpet calls, musket and canon, wounded soldiers and victory celebrations.

Robert Schumann

Rundgesang or "Round" is from The Album for the young (Album für die Jugend), a set of short pieces composed for piano in 1848, intended, in the first instance, for the birthday of Schumann's eldest daughter, Marie. The project grew, as Schumann happily enlarged the collection which finally contained 43 easy-to-play pieces of high artistic value, for which his growing children had a very practical use.
We are very grateful to the Absolute Zero Viola Quartet for this piece.

Bixet - La Fleur que tu m'avais jétee
Catone Diomede - Chromatic Fantasia
Peter Warlock - Songs without Words
Ian Gammie - Bratschentanz
Telemann Quartet for four Violas
Bloch - Processional
Staeps - Tibia, Schalmy, Czakan & Sambucca
Brahms - Hungarian Dances
Trad Catalan - El Testament d'Amelia & La Calma de la Mar
Lennon / McCarty - Yesterday
Arthur Wood - Barwick Green
Grainger - Mo Nighean Dhu
Tchaikovsky - Barcarole -
Johann Strauss II - Violetta