About us

The Meantime Viola Quartet is a South London based viola quartet begun in 2008.
Our four members come from different playing backgrounds, but have all discovered the huge enjoyment of being part of the unique sound of the viola quartet.

As well as working our way through the existing repertoire for four violas we have commissioned new works for performing and rehearsal enjoyment.
Unsurprisingly we have found that the best pieces are those where the tunes are shared by the four players, unlike a standard string quartet, and, unlike a standard string quartet the members rotate in playing the different parts.

We take part in local concerts to raise money for charities.

Please visit the concerts page for details of our next performances.

"Thank you for your email as it gives me the opportunity to tell you and the other members of the Meantime Viola Quartet how much I enjoyed listening to you at St Mary's. I hope to hear you again sometime."
David, Bermondsey, Feb 2009.